The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies


The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is a diverse and vibrant Canadian based international scholarly organization that promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching.They sought us out to rebuild their exist website in a manner that would reach more members and to multiply collaborative work opportunities in four official languages.

Canadian Association for Midwives

Canadian Association of Midwives

The Canadian Association of Midwives received a generous fund from the Innoweave project, which helped us to provide consultation on their existing cloud computing system. This work was extremely interesting as the needs of each working group were varied and relied heavily on a more usability analysis to determine how solutions could be implemented to deal with the varying degree of beginner to power user needs.

Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders

Council for Magdalen Islanders Brochure

The Council for Anglophone Magdalen islanders is an organization on Îles de la Madeleine that represents the English speaking community. We were asked to help in the development of a brochure used to educate the Quebec government and community organizations around the issues that exist presently within the community.

Taking Root

Taking Root

We were contacted, through the Innoweave project, to provide cloud-based services to Taking Root. There project consisted of moving local Excel spreadsheet data into a live modifiable database system. This included counselling around best-use practices, workflow, migration of data and modifications to infrastructure.

Cooperative Ferme Tourne-Sol

Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm

We were engaged by Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm to help them figure out some more complicated issues pertaining to their Woocommerce and Wordpress setup. We were also asked to integrate new e-commerce solutions.

Bibliothèques de Montréal

Bibliothèques de Montréal

Bibliothèques de Montréal developed a website that would peak the interest of children and youth (ages 6 to 12) online in order to get them more engaged with the library material available and encourage learning.