About this web project

The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) is a diverse and vibrant Canadian based international scholarly organization that promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching. The Association disseminates and mobilizes knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and their Diasporas through networks and partnerships in Canada and abroad. They sought us out to rebuild their exist website in a manner that would reach more members and to multiply collaborative work opportunities in four official languages. We were able to transfer a very complex set of content and needs into a platform that serves CALACS in a user-friendly effective manner.

Their platform included a system for member voting, discussion groups, news, congress system and automation, internal members dashboard & engagement section, seamless integration with CiviCRM (Customer Relationship Management), membership due reminders, congress payment and tracking . We continue to collaborate and work this amazing organization, including providing lite speed hosting and additional support.