About this web project

As a grassroots charity, Ottawa Riverkeeper (ORK) brings together volunteers, communities, businesses and all levels of government to find solutions to the problems that threaten the health of our river.  We were approached by ORK to help them better orient their use of cloud-based systems. We were able to carry out a series of Google Suite trainings that has ensured effective organization of data, centralizing data for team collaboration, workflows, online project management, and more. The following were the trainings that we produced for their team :

  • Fears and Motivations of using Cloud Tools
  • Ways to assessing Cloud Needs
  • Understanding working groups and content
  • Executive Level Strategies on Cloud Systems
  • What is a Cloud? Backups, Security and Services
  • In-depth with Team Drives and Group emails
  • File naming architecture – Best Practices
  • Architecture: Shallow or Deep, Mind Mapping to find Commonalities
  • Centralized/Decentralized collaboration among Teams Workflow
  • Cloud-based Workflows
  • Configuring Team Groups & Group permissions
  • Migrating content from local to Teams
  • Advanced Migrations
  • Team Drive Sharing Permissions / Cloud Roadblocks
  • Project management: Using Calendars and Tasks
  • Versioning & Tagging Content
  • Accessing, Organizing and Content Management: Locally using Google File Stream
  • Google File Stream: Bulk Migrations

As a result, the ORK team was able to localize their content on a centralized cloud-based system, which in turn increased their collaborative productivity by over 100%. They found less workers duplicating work, were able to find archived data, and found the overall structure and ease-of-use much more standardized.