About this web project

Le Bon Goût Frais des Îles-de-la-Madeleine (LGBF) is an organization that represents a group of producers in Magdelan Islands. The mandate of the organization is to promote each member, special events and activities, as well as boost the purchase and consumption of local products. We were approached by LBGF to provide them with a website that they could easily customize, change, and feel empowered to use. Their previous experience had resulted in the website either having issues or having to pay a lot of money to modify small sections of content.  It was a great pleasure to work with this organization alongside their inspiring vision, and their website features a great deal of pleasure for your eyes and taste buds!

We helped build a responsive design that is extremely user friendly, and provides not only member profiles but also an online store to purchase some of the products of their members. We are presently hosting them on a higher performance server that delivers some of the best Google ratings possible.

We continue to work closely with this organization to help them build additional projects. Presently, this includes the 100% eat local challenge for the entire Quebec region.

Design collaboration with Gregory Brossat.