About this web project

The Co-operators and The Natural Step Canada created the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Program, because we know young people across Canada have fresh ideas, limitless potential, and a deep concern for society and our planet.

It was a great pleasure to partner with these two groups in order to help envision a project and website that would reach out and engage youth! We were approached as our clients were frustrated with their old Joomla-based website, and wanted something more user-friendly and engaging for youth.

We started by performing a major overhaul and rethinking of their content and its structure to ensure that it was organized in the most accessible way possible. Then we developed a new fresh design that was easier-to-use, accessible, and mobile-friendly as most youth use mobile devices. Finally, we integrated this design into a live site that used the latest search engine optimizations to ensure that their google ratings and site was being placed at the top of search engine list results.

In partnership with  Gregory Brossat!