About this web project

Harvest Hastings promotes sustainable agriculture and forestry, our creative rural communities, and local food, wood, and other products produced from the land in Hastings County. After many years of support, Harvest Hastings approached us to complete a major overhaul of their website. They needed to reach a greater clientele and ensure that their members were getting the exposure they deserve.

We performed a full re-branding, carried out usability studies to identify all their users, designed a new theme, overhauled their Drupal structure, and designed a more user-friendly website. During the development stage we performed a major upgrade, integrated better reporting systems, and included a more elastic search using ApacheSolr. This search engine, essentially the core to their product and member search, ensures that their members are easily found. Our projects are always built from a mobile-ready, responsive and adaptive design, which integrate search engine optimizations to garnish the best results on website audits. In addition to this project, we provide a great deal of training, documentation, and held meetings to help us collaborate with key stakeholders to determine the needs, strategies, and direction of the project.

We continue to proudly support this project through performance-based hosting, additional features, and more.

This project was in partnership with Gregory Brossat.