Transnational Institute

Our Work

+ Customizable menu structures for Organic Groups + Deployment workflow + Exportable feature set to GIT repository (to aid in better flow of deployment cycle) + Aegir management / integration + Project management + Theme integration + ApacheSolr views search customization

Community, Consultation, Development & Design, System Administration, Training
Aegir, ApacheSolr, CiviCRM, Deployment workflow, Drupal, GIT, Metatags, Organic Groups, Project Management, Taxonomies, Views

Transnational Institute is a worldwide fellowship of activist scholars that provide articles, information, and news on a wide range of topics. There site contains a great deal of content that is broken down through a series of advanced Organic Groups.

When were able to reach a great deal of goals with this project, including hte integration of CiviCRM with their existing site. This allowed for further outreach to the people that work with them, as well as those interested in the articles and information that they provide.