Ottawa Riverkeeper

Cloud Services, Community, Training
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As a grassroots charity, Ottawa Riverkeeper (ORK) brings together volunteers, communities, businesses and all levels of government to find solutions to the problems that threaten the health of our river.

ORK received a generous fund from the Ontario government for us to provide them with an extensive series of cloud-based training.

  • Fears and Motivations of using Cloud Tools
  • Ways to assessing Cloud Needs
  • Understanding working groups and content
  • Executive Level Strategies on Cloud Systems
  • What is a Cloud? Backups, Security and Services
  • In-depth with Team Drives and Group emails
  • File naming architecture – Best Practices
  • Architecture: Shallow or Deep, Mind Mapping to find Commonalities
  • Centralized/Decentralized collaboration among Teams Worflow
  • Cloud-based Workflows
  • Configuring Team Groups & Group permissions
  • Migrating content from local to Teams
  • Advanced Migrations
  • Team Drive Sharing Permissions / Cloud Roadblocks
  • Project management: Using Calendars and Tasks
  • Versioning & Tagging Content
  • Accessing, Organizing and Content Management: Locally using Google File Stream
  • Google File Stream: Bulk Migrations

As a result, the ORK team was able to localize their content on a centralized cloud-based system. This included reorganizing the way that teams collaborated online, standardized framework for file naming, developing working groups and content structure, etc.