LGBTQI Migrant Realities

Migrants LGBTQI provides extensive research on the legal status, barriers, and social issues faced by the LGBTQI Migrant population in Canada. The objective of this project is to report on the population who are subjected to multiple forms of violence and discrimination. The information within this website should help future researchers, politicians, decision-makers and community groups to improve legislation and protect these individuals.

We helped build a more interactive and informative website that could make the extensive research more accessible. As well further optimizations were made to provide the website securely, fast, and responsive.

In collaboration with Gregory Brossat

Shane Bill has been working in the web consulting industry for well over 20 years. He is passionate about the empowerment of community organizations, individuals, and businesses in being able to reach their goals through online tools. Shane’s experience has led him to help build greater cloud infrastructure, system support, revamped websites, and much more. He is passionate about keeping up-to-date on the latest technology changes, and helping others advance their projects through this knowledge! Shane contributes frequently to various online FAQ sections and Drupal modules to help others reach their goals and resolve issues.

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