IMPACT! Leaders

Community, Consultation, Development & Design, System Administration, Training
Adaptive Themes, Deployment workflow, Drupal, Drupal Platforms, Security, Support, Sustainability, Theme Integration, Training, Usability, Youth

The Co-operators and The Natural Step Canada created the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Program because we know young people across Canada have fresh ideas, limitless potential, and a deep concern for society and our planet.

It was a great pleasure to partner with these two groups in order to help envision a project and website that would reach out and engage youth! This includes redeveloping and old Joomla based website to make it easier-to-use, accessible, and mobile-friendly with the trajectory of empowering our clients to take over the site while providing backend technical support when needed.

  • Redesigned theme – Helping to reach youth in a more fresh and engaging design
  • Major overhaul / rethinking of content & structure – Reviewing the organization of content and also the vast array of pages to create a more fluent and clean experience
  • Adaptive Design – Creating a design which reacts appropriately to different displays, devices, and technology! This was then verified with the Google suite to ensure that our ranking would increase for Google searches
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Providing built in SEO that will ensure better integration with Google Analytics & search engines
  • Dual domain – Providing the ability to use one backend, but have two separate language domains which linked the translation appropriately, and serve the appropriate content.
  • Caching – Using the latest technologies in caching we were able to drastically increase the performance of the site and thus improving the Google rating for mobile
  • Training & Documentation – An extensive set of documentation and training was provided throughout the process to ensure that we reached our deadline and goals

We were pleased to make this project a realization and help IMPACT! Leaders to achieve their goals. We continue to provide technology and support work. This project was in design collaboration with Gregory Brossat!