Harvest Hastings

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After many years of continued support with Harvest Hastings we were asked to complete a major overhaul:

  • Develop a new logo
  • Develop a new theme – One which would help users truly find local products with ease
  • Major overhaul / rethinking system structure
  • Upgrade to Drupal 7
  • Adaptive Design – This meant that we must integrate the flexibility of a strong search while making the entire system while also helping people get the information they need easily!
  • User-friendly design – This element required that we rethink how the user would interact with th system, but also the farmer’s in the backend
  • Reporting systems
  • Integrating more features of ApacheSolr – Increasing the ability and usefulness of Apachesolr so that users can truly find products they want
  • SEO
  • Event listings

In addition to this project, we provide a great deal of training, documentation, and held meetings to help us collaborate with key stakeholders to determine the needs, strategies, and direction of the project.

We are proud to announce that the project has been completed with the amazing logo and design work of Gregory Brossat!