Community Engagement Day @ McGill

Our Work

+ Simple display of community events
+ Advanced registration system including the ability for project coordinators to track registrations, etc
+ Advanced display of resources pertaining to specific community topics
+ Integration 100% responsive on all types of tablet, mobile, and desktop systems
+ Accessible design

Community, Consultation, Development & Design, Training
Drupal, McGill, Responsive Design, SEDE

Community Engagement Day at the University of McGill, within the Social Equity and Diversity Department, seeks to strengthen relationships between McGill and Montreal communities. They do so through creating one-day volunteer projects between staff, students, and employees and the wider-community.

To reach the goals established we developed a fully integrated mobile-friendly design, provided by Gregory Brossart that provides a simple means for individuals to register, participate and engage community organizations. As well, it was their goal to provide additional resources that pertain to each organization as a means of providing further information, material, and expanding the knowledge of the McGill community.