Our Philosophy

Bees on a Bike, 2 partners collaborating together


With over 25 years of experience, Bees on a Bike offers a complete suite of services in graphic design and web consulting, as well as demonstrated skills in communication within your project(s).

Because we believe that you remain the true specialist of your sector, your target audience, and especially of the project in which you are embarking, we consider that you are the primary partner for effective communication.

Our approach consists of a search for consensus between your desires and your objective, bringing our expertise in the field of design, web, and SEO.

Our philosophy is to respect as much of the vision you have for your project so to satisfy the objectives that are necessary to develop a strong end solution.

That is why we consider that you in addition to Bees on a Bike, you are always the 2nd indispensable partner.

We guarantee a high availability, proximity, and capacity of listening and communication that is shown through the work with all of our previous clients.

By being engaged, we offer a great deal of experience in issues related to sustainable development, ecology, social economy, and the promotion of community organizations and non-profit organizations.

We are passionate about ensuring your autonomy, empowerment, and work to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary for you to be able to effectively manage the end solution we have created together.

We are one of those designers and developers you can rely on.

You can consult our work and most importantly, you can contact us to further get to know us!

We are looking forward to working together!


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