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We have diverse skills in branding, design, SEO audits, cloud systems, and performance that guarantee uniquely handcrafted web projects

Meet Shane Bill

As the founder, I have over 25 years of experience in the technology sector. My philosophy is to deeply understand your organization or business, and then help you build web projects or setup cloud tools that meet your needs. Combining my Social Work and Computer Science degrees allows me to ensure that this all happens in a human-driven, affordable, invested and accessible manner. We adapt our training to individual learning styles, needs, and ensure the technology you receive helps your project grow. When I am not empowering my clients, you can usually find me outdoors discovering nature with my two kids and spouse. For more than 4 years, we have called Magdalen Islands home and are enjoy connecting our children to the culture of my spouse.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in our values! As a result, we define our work and who we are by these fundamentals. They help guide how we approach our projects, our clients, and we work extremely hard to live up to each one of them.

  • Empowering you
  • Collaborating to fulfill dreams
  • Innovative solutions
  • Committted to  your success
  • Reliable & available support
  • Openness
  • Modern branding & design
  • User-centered design
  • Creative solutions
  • Accessible budgets

Our Philosophy

We are invested in every project that we work on, because, like bees, it is essential to work cooperatively and collaboratively to achieve your goal.

We believe that all our projects are a collaboration between you and us. You are the true specialist of your sector and audience, and we aim to provide you with the tools and technology to reach them!

We guarantee a high level of availability, proximity, and capacity of listening and communicating. By being engaged, and continually expanding our knowledge, we offer solutions that use the latest trends and best-practices assuring you aren’t left behind.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing web solid solutions by:

  • Using modules and plugins highly supported by industry and governments
  • Prioritize performance
  • Advanced security measures
  • Choose systems that provide the best back-end user experience
  • Prioritize open-source tools, because they have larger community backing, allow for greater creativity, and allow for more affordable solutions
  • We contribute some of our earnings to supporting open-source and community projects

Collaborate with us

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